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Solid state lighting is about to disrupt the lighting industry. At first, this is not so obvious - you could think of LEDs being "just another light source". Disruption is something big - industry changing, obsoleting, or creating. Solid state lighting has the potential to achieve exactly this. Why?

Solid state lighting is fast, it is small, it is efficient. These are the key ingredients. Light can be highly effciently managed in quantity, spectrum, and location to an unprecedented degree. We are only beginning to explore these new degrees of freedom. Not only this allows to obsolete luminaires as we know them, but also it will provide lighting to the whole world, especially the less developed regions. Solid state lighting has an enormous impact on all levels of the supply chain, design, physiology, customer preferences, financing, and business models.

cenogent is here to support you in your decisions. With two decades of experience in technology, supply chain, intellectual property, and strategy we help you to identify your path to the future.

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cenogent, based in Switzerland, was established by Harald Pier in 2016.

We are focusing on high-end lighting solutions, challenging conventional approaches and opinions, to deliver breakthrough performance in world-class technology.

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